My Portfolio

I worked on the rebranding of Aerotek and I was the lead UI for Major, Lindsey & Africa, and a smattering of other projects at Allegis Group. I did email, page, and form builds for a variety of clients at CCAH, but I'm not sure how much I can publicly display. I can talk with you about the work though.

I joined the Web and Creative Services team during the initial phases of the redesign. It was great to learn from their talented UI/UX developers and designers.

Major, Lindsey & Africa

Arguably the best set of experiences for development were in my role as lead UI for MLA's redesign. Protip: If you want to redesign your site, don't split design and development between 2 companies.

Populus Group

Populus Group wanted a single contractor page with a different layout and design. After I left Allegis Group, Populus has made this layout the default for their site.

Regex for html

Have you ever exported a word doc to html? It's a nightmare. This cleans it, if you ever needed to do that. I still don't believe I had to do that.


Static Boilerplate

Hey Bower is deprecated and I should remake this with webpack -- I'll update this page when I do.

Link when ready